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For those of you that know me, I have been working REALLY hard and developing my photography craft since Griffin was born. Over the last year, I have upgraded equipment…twice… participated a few different workshops… stalked blogs on a daily basis taking notes on where I aspire to be… and dreaming endlessly of the day when I would finally start to get some calls or emails from people asking me to photograph their families or loved ones. When Griffin and I were at the museum on his birthday, my day came! I got the call. The call I had been waiting for. The first person, who was a complete stranger to me, was introduced to my work through a co-worker of mine, and wanted to book a session for her family and her handsome red-headed boy! I was stoked and over the next few weeks, I counted down the days to our session with nervous anticipation!

I had absolutely nothing to worry about with this beautiful family. The mother and I had a chance to email back and forth and talk on the phone before their session so that I could know what to expect at the session and be prepared with knowledge of their personalities and their expectations from the session. These guys were NATURALS in front of the camera! They did fantastically well and they made my job very easy! They were so sweet and we had a GREAT time at their shoot!

Evan was such a cutie-pie! He had the best facial expressions and he was so much fun to photograph! His red hair is to die for! I wish that I could take one of his pictures to my hair stylist and say, “That! That is the color I want my hair!”

The many sweet faces of Evan…

Untitled-2 Untitled-1


One of my favorite things is to be able to capture kids being themselves. That means that not all pictures are going to be perfectly posed smiles. My favorites are the funny faces they make when they are thinking of something, the pictures of pure joy when they are lost in their play worlds, and even the pictures when they don’t know anyone is looking. These are some of my favorite “off the cuff” pictures of Evan. The second one is so funny to be because Evan had just learned how to play hide and go seek which he called “hide and go peek”. I asked him to hide and then I would “peak” him with my camera and he “hid” right in front of me behind the tic-tac-toe game with his face in his hands! Too funny! These are the moments I love to capture! Those funny moments of childhood that would otherwise be forgotten.


Thank you Evan and family for allowing me to capture this period of your lives on camera! Thanks Evan for teaching me “hide and go peak” and showing me your skipping skills! You rocked! 🙂

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