Happy 14 Month Birthday Griffin!

Dear Griffin,

So I have been a pretty crummy mommy when it comes to keeping track of all of your milestones since you were born. I haven’t kept a baby book with the date that you first rolled over, got your first tooth, first haircut, etc. So… in honor of  your 14 month birthday today, I am going to make a vow document all of the ways that you change during the course of a month and also document all of the ways that you amaze and bless your dad and me every day. Please forgive me my shortcomings as a mommy, but please know that no other mommy could love their child as much as I love you!

Right now…

… you are definitely a daddy’s boy

… you love bathtime

… you are not walking yet, but boy can you break it down if we put some music on

… you LOVE music

… you love to laugh and you have developed a giggle that gets closer to mine every day

… when I ask for a kiss, you lean in and put your forehead to my lips (sometimes you head butt me but I still love it!)

… just this past week, you have started excitedly nodding every time someone asks you a question, no matter what the question is

… you prefer to only eat pizza and macaroni and cheese (you come by it honestly)

… you cross your little ankles when you are riding in the car or drinking your bottle before you go to bed

… you are the best playmate I could have ever imagined for your daddy

… you do this little thing where you make fists and grunt over and over again if we mimic you back and forth

… you are starting to say “Uh-oh” with intention but you only say the “oh” part most of the time

… you love to read books (Our favorite book to read together is I Love You, Stinky Face)

… you make every day in our house happy

I love you Griffin… endlessly.


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