Happy 15-month Birthday, Goof!

Dear Griffin-

Today is your 15-month birthday! That’s right, folks, we are officially 5/8th’s of the way to two years old!! Dad and I have been off of work since Christmas Eve and it is amazing what you have  done even within the last week! You are learning so much every day that it is hard to believe that this time last year, you were still such a tiny baby! You are starting to develop so much personality now that it is kind of difficult to still think of you as a baby instead of a toddler. Dad prepared me about a month ago that December 31st, tomorrow, will be the last day that I can give you a bottle. You have been used to drinking your milk from a sippy cup since before your birthday, but it has been my fault that we haven’t made the switch. I think that a part of me feels like if you aren’t drinking out of a bottle anymore, that must mean that you are not a baby anymore. It is so exciting to see you grow, but it also makes this mommy quite sad to see it going so quickly.

This month…

  • you learned to say “bye-bye” and wave
  • you got WAY too many Christmas presents and still prefer your blue bouncy glitter ball
  • you have taken your first steps….FINALLY!
  • you have become a VERY picky eater… maybe you just have very refined taste! 🙂
  • you have learned to point to your nose… and Mom’s nose… and Dad’s nose… and Santa’s nose…
  • you have started saying something that I believe is your version of thank you, but sounds more like “Ti-Ti”
  • you LOVE to read books and like to spend time in your nursery by yourself flipping through your board books
  • you have learned to dance and find every opportunity you can to get some music playing so you can do your bouncy dance
  • your laugh is definitely sounding a lot like mine these days… at least I won’t be the only one with a goofy laugh anymore! 🙂

Happy 15 month birthday my sweet boy! I can’t wait to see what you will do this next month! I love you endlessly!




P.S. Oh yeah, you also learned to pick up chicks this month! Your dad is so proud! 🙂

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