The Lamphere Family | Fuquay-Varina NC Photography

I am a little behind on blogging this session, but better late than never, right? I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph this adorable little family right before I left for WPPI at the beginning of the month. I was originally supposed to do this session the weekend before, but I was getting over strep throat and I did not want to risk bringing leftover germies over to their newborn. Their oldest daughter, Briella, is about around 18 months and they just had their youngest daughter, Maria, a little less than two weeks before our session. Mr. Lamphere better prepare himself, because his little girls are GORGEOUS!! He could have a rocky road ahead! 🙂 Briella was quite concerned at first about what I was doing with her little sister, but I think I started to win her over towards the end of the session! Briella seriously was one of the smartest 18 month olds I have ever seen in my life! She knew some counting, she knew her shapes, she knew her colors and so much more! She had this one toy where you sorted different colored shapes on to different pegs, and she knew exactly what she was supposed to do. She would sort appropriately, and then she would intentionally but the wrong shape or color on the peg and would then look up at her parents and giggle because she knew she was being silly and putting it on the wrong peg! Then she would get her parents to laugh and she would put it on the right peg. It was AMAZING! It is obvious that her parents have spent a lot of quality time with her! It makes me want to be a stay-at-home mom!! 🙂

2010.03.04 Lamphere Family-106

2010.03.04 Lamphere Family-112

2010.03.04 Lamphere Family-133

Here is the shape peg game! Silly Briella… putting a yellow triangle on the purple rectangle peg! 🙂
2010.03.04 Lamphere Family-148

2010.03.04 Lamphere Family-154

2010.03.04 Lamphere Family-166

Their dog, Lotto, wanted to make sure that he was included in the family portraits! This shot makes me giggle! 🙂

2010.03.04 Lamphere Family-178

Thank you guys for allowing me to take part in your family’s history! Now I am off to go teach Griffin some shapes! Ha! 🙂

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  • Jules - March 30, 2010 - 12:27 am

    what a lovely session! love how you captured big sister!!! gorgeous bw!

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