Griffin’s First Easter Egg Hunt! | NC Children’s Photographer

The G-man attended his very first Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday before I went to shoot a wedding. He was not as thrilled about the experience as we thought that he would be! Haha! The picture on the left below says it all! “You what me to do what with the eggs, Ma? Really? Reaaaaally?” As we sat and waited with all of the big kids, I seriously contemplated whether we needed to head home because he just looked miserable! He was so pitiful!

griffin egg hunt1

When the three and under crowd was given the whistle, off he went with determination. If the picture below on the left could have a caption, it would be “Prepare yourselves little plastic Easter eggs! You are about to be hunted by the Griffinator!!”

griffin egg hunt2

After a few eggs, Griffin aborted the hunt for more fun endeavors…….

(I know that the last picture is unfocused, but I don’t care because he just looks so happy!! And besides…. it is my blog and I can post unfocused pictures if I want to!)  🙂

griffin egg hunt3

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Maybe Griffin’s hunting experience will be a bit more joyous next year! Haha!

griffin egg hunt4

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