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On March 27, 2010, I had the HUGE pleasure of second-shooting at Jaime & Lee’s wedding. I remember photographing Jaime & Lee back at Jessica & Steven’s wedding last October and as I watched them dance then, I remember thinking to myself, “Now that is what a couple in love looks like!” Fast forward five months, and it was now their wedding day where they were married and celebrated with their friends and family at the Prestonwood Country Club in Cary, NC. When Jaime and her bridesmaid arrived, I immediately knew that this would be an amazing day. I am very serious when I say that Jaime was the happiest and sweetest and most excited bride I have ever seen!!! She was just glowing from ear to ear and she squealed with excitement every time she saw another person. I know that every bride is excited to be married… but Jaime was in a league of her own! I think that her voice was in an octave I have never heard before, somewhere between an soprano singer and a dog whistle! 😉 She was SOOOOOOOO cute and it was so evident that this was the happiest day of her life, the way it should be for every bride!

Jamie and Lee blog 1

While Megan stayed with the bride and the bridesmaids, I had the pleasure of going to spend some time with Lee and his groomsmen. They were a breath of fresh air in a entirely different way! They were very serene, laid back and up for anything! While Jaime was the most excited bride I had ever seen, Lee was probably the most assured and calm groom I have ever seen! Lee probably knew that he was making the best decision of his life so what did he have to be nervous about, right? Jaime is a doll!! 🙂

Jamie and Lee blog 2

It was very evident from the beginning of the day, that Jaime and her mother, Linda, were very close. Anyone could see it in how Linda leaned in the doorway of the bathroom where Jamie was getting her hair done, and watched Jaime adoringly with a soft smile on her face and lingering tears in her eyes. Someone gave me a heads up before the wedding, that there would be a special bouquet of daisies waiting for Linda in her chair after she was ushered in to the ceremony. Linda calls Jaime Daisy, so it was a special gift from her daughter on her wedding day to the man of her dreams. Linda did not wear her glasses during the ceremony, so when she found the bouquet in her chair, she asked that the note be read to her, I think that the picture says it all about her reaction to her daughter’s sentiment. It was such a sweet moment! 🙂

Jamie and Lee blog 3

Jamie and Lee blog 4

Jamie and Lee blog 5

The next two images, I am just in love with! Something about how peaceful they look in both, just makes me feel… love.

Jamie and Lee blog 6

Jamie and Lee blog 7

Jamie and Lee blog 8

All of the gorgeous flowers were provided by The English Garden. They were positively GORGEOUS! They made a different bouquet for each bridesmaid that coordinated with the color of their dress and it was such a beautiful added touch! Their arrangements at the reception were just as beautifully flawless!

Jamie and Lee blog 9

Let the party begin! 🙂

Jamie and Lee blog 10

Jaime and Lee, you two were adorable in every way! Lee, the way you quietly watched Jaime in an adoring way was absolutely breathtaking. As I was going through images, I found so many images where you would just look at Jaime when she didn’t know you were looking, and the love seemed to jump off the screen at me. Jaime, I loved how you would scream with excitement, how you sweetly called Lee “Babe”, and how you made everyone at your day feel like they were witnessing the culmination of a beautiful love story. I was so honored to be present for your beautiful day. Thank you! I hope your honeymoon was every bit as amazing as your wedding day! 🙂

Jamie and Lee blog 11

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  • Jules - April 8, 2010 - 6:21 pm

    I’m so proud of you! what a beautiful job you did for this darling couple. LOVE your detail shots and adore the couple with texture! nicely done friend!

  • Kristen - April 8, 2010 - 11:47 pm

    AWESOME Tara – what a beautiful couple…it makes me cry thinking out my much anticipated wedding day…so happy to have you apart of this whole experience!

  • Jessica Cerame - April 9, 2010 - 8:54 am

    Tara! These are absolutely beautiful! And you are so right that Jaime and Lee just exude happiness and love. I was so honored and blessed to be a part of their day. It only takes two minutes with those two and you know it is for real and it is forever. Thank you for taking such special care of their day in your pictures! Once again, you nailed it!

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