Kids Being Kids | Cary, NC Children’s Photography

Since before Griffin was even conceived, I had been hearing about how awesome our daycare provider was. One of my former co-workers described her as the “toddler whisperer” and I fell in love with the fact that she teaches the kids at her house New Zealand manners by clinking their cups at snack time and saying, “Cheers, Mate!” Tania is a an amazing woman who cares for all of the kiddos in her house as if they were her own and Griffin has been very lucky to have her in his life. Tania is probably one of the coolest moms I know. She encourages her kids to try new things and Jamie and Leo are into everything! Anywhere from swim team, to guitar lessons, to now football and softball… Tania is there cheering them on every step of the way. I admire that about her and about the way she parents. She thinks that kids should be outside playing instead of sitting in front of the TV and she always tells her kids that they can be great at whatever they set their minds to. I was excited to pay Tania back for everything that she has done for us and for Griffin by photographing Jamie and Leo a few weeks ago. Tania forewarned me that Jamie and Leo weren’t going to be down with posed smiley pictures and I told her that was fine because I would rather capture them in their element, kids being kids.

This is what happened when I tried to get Jamie and Leo to stand together for just ONE picture. Leo wasn’t having it! This is his death glare to Tania because she promised him that there wouldn’t be any posed pictures! Haha! Sorry Leo, that was my bad! 🙂

Leo is playing football for the first time this year and I think that this picture lives up to his team name, The Chargers! I would be intimidated by you Leo if I was your opponent!

Tania has always told me what a girly girl Jamie can be because she loves clothes and anything fashion, but these go to show that girly girls can be tough too! Check out those legendary tie-dyed purple socks!! Did I mention that Tania was the coolest mom around?

Dave and Griffin came along to the session with me and Griffin was sure to give Leo a high five for all of his modeling efforts! 😉

Thank you Jamie and Leo for letting us hang out with you for the afternoon and thank you especially for always being so good to Griffin! He is lucky to have both of you in his life and I know that he adores you both! Tania, all I can say is you rock and we are very thankful that we found someone that we could trust with the most important person in our lives. I hope you know how much you are appreciated and admired! 🙂

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