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I don’t know what I can say about Lauren + Dale! They are the type of couple that you just want to pinch their cheeks because they are so darn cute! And if you think they are cute individually, you should see them together! The cuteness compounds exponentially! Dave and I talk all the time about how with some couples, the love they have for one another is just evident- it’s plain for everyone to see. It just pours out with every glance they give one another, with every touch, with every playful nudge, with every crinkle of their noses. Dale and Lauren have this and then some and it is a joy to watch! I knew that I liked Dale and Lauren from the first time that I met with them, but every time we got together for either their engagement session or their pre-wedding meeting, I got to know them more, and I liked them more and more. Even though I was busy photographing during the ceremony, it was touching to hear the pastor talk about Lauren and Dale and their relationship. One of their first “dates” was when Dale asked Lauren to go to church with him… how sweet is that?! You want to pinch his cheeks now too, don’t you?! 😉 Lauren and Dale got married at The Highgrove on a beautiful day last month. Every moment of the day was filled with love and laughter and it was one of my favorite weddings to date!

I love this picture of the girls peeking as the boys arrived at The Highgrove!  Lauren was a stunning bride! Like I am talking…. STUH-NING!!! I bet Dale would agree! 😉 As you look through the ceremony pictures, please take note of the picture of the flower girl during the processional AND the recessional…. CLASSIC!!
During the father daughter dance, Dave (who is not a very emotional person whatsoever) got a bit choked up because he said that just by seeing the look on Lauren’s dad’s face while he danced with her, Dave could feel the pride that Lauren’s dad must have felt as her father on that special day. The love in the room was palpable! It was a beautiful thing to watch! After all of the special dances, it was time to party! 🙂

The bridesmaid and groomsman that caught the bouquet and garter put on quite the show when the groomsman had to then put the garter on the bridesmaid’s leg! I guess I should say that the groomsman (the groom’s brother) was the one really putting on the show! Let’s just say that he did a good job to put the garter nice and high so that it wouldn’t fall off! 😉 And I even heard later on in the night that he was the quiet brother! You would have never known! Haha!
Thank you SOOOO much Lauren + Dale! I am so sad that the wedding is over because I so thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you guys! You are both beautiful inside and out and we wish nothing but the best for both of you as you start your lives together! 🙂

Venue:  The Highgrove

Catering: The Highgrove

DJ: Island Sound DJ

Flowers: Flowers on Broad Street

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  • Elizabeth Myers - October 25, 2011 - 10:03 pm

    Tara, these are simply wonderful! Every single image is excellent. What a beautiful couple!

  • Holly - October 25, 2011 - 10:37 pm

    These are so good. Seriously, you are an incredible photographer! And they are such a cute couple!

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