Cooper’s Long Awaited Arrival | Cary, NC Birth Photography

I was thrilled when I found out that Kristen and Quentin were expecting. If you know them, or if you have even spent 10 minutes in their family’s presence, you will know that Kristen and Quentin were already two of the most loving parents you could ever meet. Every time I have seen them with their oldest son, Kaelob, I have witnessed an outpouring of love and affection towards him and you can see it in their eyes how much they adore him. I knew it would be no different when Little Cooper arrived.

Cooper took his time getting here and we thought that he was going to be induced on January 24, 2012. I already had a sitter lined up for our boys in preparation for heading to the hospital later than morning to photograph Kristen’s labor and delivery, but things got started a little earlier than anticipated. Quentin called me bright and early in the morning and told me that Kristen was having contractions and they were on their way to the hospital. I told him that I would get up and get showered and to call me as soon as she was checked by a nurse to let me know who far along she was. I was only out of the shower for a couple minutes when Quentin called to say that Kristen was already 8cm and that I needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible. I threw my wet hair in a pony tail and jumped in the car just in time to catch the morning 7am traffic in Apex. I was in standstill traffic at 7am and posted about it on Facebook. (I know, shouldn’t be on FB in traffic!) Haha! At 7:22am, little man Cooper arrived, yes, that would be only 22 minutes later and I had to travel from Apex to Wake Med in Cary! Made it just in time for Kristen to start pushing because she was 10 cm when I arrived.

When I had talked to Quentin the second time, he informed me that Kristen was about to get an epidural, but I found out after the fact that Kristen was too far along to get it, so she delivered little Cooper in three pushes without any pain meds! I was in shock! You have never seen a more beautiful, and peaceful mother pushing an 8 pound baby out without ANY pain meds! She was super woman and super mom and I wouldn’t expect anything less of sweet Kristen! It was so sweet and touching to also watch Quentin as he encouraged Kristen during the short delivery. The honest and pure emotion that he displayed when he saw his son for the first time was a beautiful and touching thing to watch. Kristen’s entire family is amazing. They were all there at the hospital, anxiously waiting to meet little Cooper, and they showered him with love and affection and welcomed him to the family. It was truly an honor to be there to witness and document the growth of the family. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of it! Love you guys! 🙂

Here is a slideshow of highlights of the day…

(To watch in HD, click on HD at bottom right, hit pause and wait for it to load all the way before pressing play.)

Cooper’s Big Day from Tara Parker on Vimeo.

And here is a handful (or two) of my favorites…


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