I have always been fascinated and intrigued by photography. There is something so magical about a frozen moment in time. Tara Parker Photography was born in close proximity to the birth of my son, Griffin. He is the most beautiful model that a photographer could ask for (biased? Nahhh!). He is my little inspiration. Seeing the world through his eyes makes me want to stop time and savor every moment.

I have my Bachelor’s degree in psychology and my Master’s degree in social work. I found that as a social worker, I was there for all of the “not so great” moments in people’s lives. I realized that I wanted to be there for all of the great moments! I decided that when I grow up, I want to be a photographer!

So about me….

I laugh A LOT!

I think my husband is the best guy on this earth.

I think my son is the best baby on this earth.

I hate to grocery shop.

I can’t make decisions to save my life.

I love the sound of kids laughing.

I love the sound of my baby squealing.

I am addicted to Little Caesar’s $5 pizza.

Pushy people annoy me.

I wish I was more assertive.

I have my own handcrafted sterling silver jewelry business.

I love emotion.

I love sentiment.

I love pictures.

I fell in love with my husband by our fire pit.

My husband and I were roomates and then we starting dating and got married.

I love to camp.

I love the smell of the stinky marsh grass in Wilmington.

I love creating.

I am addicted to sushi, but only the weenie cooked sushi.

I love my mom.

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